How can we help our clients?

Our Approach
The global healthcare market is experiencing significant growth due to aging population, the shift to patient centered-care and progress of digital health.
The entire health ecosystem is adapting to ongoing changes; healthcare providers, hospitals, medical device companies, public health authorities, and pharmaceutical companies are all adapting to meet the demands of a more digital, innovative and efficient environment, where the consumer is inevitably more involved, knowledgeable and demanding
Our Healthcare Practice assists its clients in developing long term strategic plans, shifting to a client-based approach and undergoing a digital transformation.
Our Solutions
We help organizations solve a wide variety of problems, by leveraging knowledge and expertise with health organization across the value chain
A few project examples are:
  • Growth & differentiation Strategy
  • Corporate strategy, vision & mission
  • Digital transformation
  • Merger & Acquisition support
  • Global distribution channels’ strategy
  • Marketing and sales optimization
  • Market Entry and Go-to-market strategy
  • Profitability drivers’ identification and optimization
  • Annual planning, monitoring & measurement
Our Clients
Our client base includes HMOs, hospitals, public health organization, insurers & medical device companies

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

TASC Accompanied the steering committee for the characterization of the Future Hospital

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Characterization of the Future Hospital

TASC designed the clinical and operational plan for a merger between an acute care hospital and a mental health hospital

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Clinical and operational plan for a merger between an acute care hospital and a mental health hospital

TASC assisted an acute care medical center in the northern region (~350 beds) to devise its forward-looking strategy

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Forward Looking Strategy to an Acute Care Medical Center

Designing a growth strategy for a leading Israeli healthcare provider (HMO), with special focus on digital channels/tools

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Growth Strategy for a Leading Israeli Healthcare Provider

Formation of a long term strategic plan for the division of government medical centers

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Strategic Plan for Israel’s Government Medical Centers Chain

Designing an international growth strategy for an Israeli energy based medical devices company

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Channel Strategy for a Global Medical Device Manufacturer

Introducing an innovative supplementary healthcare insurance program for a leading HMO

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Formation of a Supplementary Health Insurance Program

Mapping the Israeli Telemedicine market potential for the Ministry of health

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Israeli Telemedicine Market Mapping

Shaping the corporate strategy of the healthcare division of Israel’s second largest insurance company

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Health Insurance Strategy

Shaping a 5-years corporate strategy for Israel’s second largest health provider (HMO)

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Corporate Strategy for an Israeli HMO

Shaping a multi-year strategic plan for a subsidiary of Israel’s largest HMO

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Healthcare Service Providers Strategy

Building a national plan to transform the Israeli digital health market to a significant growth engine for the Israeli economy

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Digital Health as Growth Engine National Plan

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