Lital Ben Yosef

Lital Ben Yosef

Client Leader, Organization & Operations
Lital has expertise in the Operations & Organization practice, specializing in analyzing and improving complex processes and workflows, formulation of streamlining moves, characterizing information systems, and structural changes processes in various organizations in the public and business sectors. Lital holds a B.A in Management from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA with a major in Information Systems from Bar Ilan University.

Relevant Experience

More than 6 years of experience in leading cross-organizational projects in various organizations:

  • Diagnosed work processes in a big regulation division, including gap analysis and identification of bottlenecks, in order to formulate recommendations for processes remodeling
  • Formulated the new operating model and adapted the organizational structure, including forming role definitions for key functions, in a large government division
  • Led streamlining processes in various organizations that included adjusting manpower standards, formulating new work processes, and integrating technologies for improving the quality of products and services
  • Accompanied the Israeli Government Procurement Administration in improving procurement processes, while adapting digital tools and solutions to the gaps identified
  • Developed strategic steps aimed at treating the unemployment crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic for the Israeli Ministry of Finance
  • Experienced with information system implementation processes, examination of existing systems, identification of needs, characterization, and implementation


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