How can we help our clients?

Our Approach
TASC has vast experience in helping organizations adapt to the digital revolution. In doing so, TASC specializes in building comprehensive digital strategies, outliving digital transformation processes and designing products and services to better address customer needs.
Our multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience lead to innovative, yet practical, digital projects while leveraging the organization’s core competencies.
We are working with our clients on a variety of digital-oriented projects: from long-term digital strategy to focused customer experience projects. Our practice includes consultants with a wide range of experiences, creative thinking, and cutting-edge skills, spanning the strategy, IT, data and design fields.
Our Solutions
We use our Digital, Technology, Data, and Service Design expertise to help our clients face their most pressing challenges and decisions, among them:
  • Long-term Digital Strategy
  • Full-Scale Digital Transformation
  • Digital culture, methodologies, skills & capabilities
  • Comprehensive Service Design - CX, UX, UI
  • Digital Growth engines & new business models
  • e-Commerce strategy
  • Operations & business processes’ optimization
  • Data & Analytics Strategy – Becoming a Data-Driven Organization
  • IT strategy & core technology modernization
  • Innovation scouting and implementation
Our Clients
Our client roster consists of leading companies and entities, including national bureaus, CGPs, retailers, financial institutions, leading media groups, NGO’s and innovative start-ups.

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

Devising Israel’s National Digital Strategy, focused on GDP growth, inequality and improving government’s activity


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Israel’s National Digital Strategy Plan

Building a digital transformation strategy for a leading retail bank, by creating a new ‘virtual branch’ concept

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Digital Transformation Strategy for a Leading Retail Bank

Digital transformation of the governmental legislation procedure for the Ministry of Justice, The Israeli government and the Israeli Parliament (the “Knesset”)

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Digital Transformation of the Legislation Process

Formulating a growth strategy, focused on digital and alternative sales channels, for a leading electrical appliances retailer

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Digital Growth Strategy for a Leading Electrical Appliances Retailer

Assisting Israel’s largest retail bank in creating an innovative business model for a P2P payments service

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Innovative Business Model for Israel’s Largest Retail Bank

Creating a long-term digital strategy (called “Digital Justice”), for the Israeli Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

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Israeli Ministry of Justice Digital Strategy Plan

Digital transformation of a crucial decision-making process in the Criminal Justice system

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Digital Transformation for the State Attorney

Formation of digital distribution channels strategy for Israel’s largest food manufacturer

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Digital Distribution Channels Strategy for Israel's Largest Food Manufacturer

Compiling an innovative growth strategy for Israel’s largest credit card company

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Innovative Growth Strategy for Israel's Largest Credit Card Company

Designing a digital strategy for entering the Israeli e-commerce market for a leading fashion retailer, including accompanying the M&A process of a leading e-commerce platform

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Digital Strategy for Entering the Israeli e-Commerce Market for a Leading Fashion Retailer

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