Alon Preminger

Alon Preminger

Manager, Digital & Product Strategy
Alon specializes in digital and data product management, with focus on formulating strategies, concepts and frameworks in the digital arena. Alon has practiced in these fields over the past 15 years. As an associate in TASC, Alon provides clients with custom-made strategies, while using product management methodologies and matching technology trends to business frameworks and processes. Alon holds a B.A in History from Tel Aviv University and M.A in Urban Studies (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.

Relevant Experience

Relevant experience:

  • Head of cyber, digital and IT product management team in a major government agency: gap analysis, defining product objectives, requirements management, testing and validation
  • Head of cyber and digital strategic research center in a major government agency: trend analysis in the tech and digital arenas
  • Senior consultant, strategic planning division in a major government agency: formulating a multi-year plan, including vision and mission statement, key objectives, projects and organizational capabilities
  • Data analyst in a major government agency


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