Ilan Schory

Ilan Schory

CEO and Senior partner
Mr. Schory is TASC’s managing partner. He focuses on corporate strategy and digital projects in the TMT, Financial Services, Healthcare and Consumer Goods sectors. He joined TASC in the early 2000s following 5 years at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, and led many of TASC’s most prominent projects in his fields of expertise. He holds a B.A in Law and Economics (Summa Cum Laude) from Tel-Aviv University and an M.B.A (with highest Honors) from Ross Business School, University of Michigan

Relevant Experience


  • Established a comprehensive 5-year strategic plan for the Israeli cable provider
  • Assisted a leading mobile network infrastructure company in a successful 5G spectrum tender
  • Designed a multi-year strategy for a data center provider
  • Assisted a leading international Telco company in building and launching a Go-to-Market strategy for the Israeli B2B Cloud services market
  • Developed a multi-year strategic plan for a growing IT provider
  • Built a penetration strategy for the US market for a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer
  • Worked with a top-tier media group in establishing a new, digital video platform
  • Accompanied the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation in building a five-year strategic plan

Financial Services

  • Built a multi-year strategy for a direct insurance player
  • Devised a strategic plan for M&A activity for a major bank and advised the bank through acquisition and post-merger integration
  • Created and assisted in the implementation of a strategic plan for the corporate division of a major Israeli bank
  • Formulated a strategic plan for a retail bank in light of the increasing competition in consumer credit
  • Formulated a strategic plan for growth in mortgage activity for a leading bank in Israel
  • Reshaped the corporate strategy of the healthcare division of Israel’s second-largest insurance company
  • Accompanied a leading financial player in validating the business plan of a digital banking initiative and formulated a multi-year strategic plan for it

Consumer Goods & Retail

  • Mapped and analyzed the barriers of making Israel a world leader in the field of Alternative Protein​
  • ​Developed a multi-year business plan for a tech venture in the poultry field, examining its viability and valuation
  • Led joint research and round table session with Google regarding eCommerce in Israel
  • Designed a go-to-market strategy for the used-cars activity of an automotive group
  • Developed a comprehensive channel strategy for a leading Israeli beverages company


  • Built a national plan to transform the Israeli digital health market into a significant growth engine for the Israeli economy
  • Accompanied Israel’s leading global energy-based medical device company for over 5 years in two long term strategic plans, an IPO and an M&A plan
  • Formulated a 5-years corporate strategy for Israel’s second-largest health provider (HMO)
  • Accompanied the Ministry of health in mapping the Israeli Telemedicine market potential
  • Introduced an innovative supplementary healthcare insurance program for a leading HMO
  • Created a channel strategy for a global medical device manufacturer
  • Formulated a strategic plan for Israel’s government medical centers chain, in charge of 24 medical centers in Israel
  • Accompanied the steering committee for the characterization of the Future Hospital in Israel
  • Analyzed the cost-effectiveness of specific drug treatment for a large pharmaceutical company

Public sector 

  • Formulated Israel’s official National Digital Strategy together with Israel’s National Digital Bureau
  • Planned a multi-year strategy for the Medical Central Division, in the Ministry of Health
  • Accompanied the Ministry of Justice in drafting a multi-year plan for the State Attorney’s Office
  • Built a comprehensive digital plan for the Ministry of Justice
  • Accompanied the Ministry of Education in designing a digital strategy plan to transform digital learning
  • Assisted in drafting the multi-year strategic plan for the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, analyzing user needs, digital transformation, data and systems, statistical processes, etc.


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