Salco Kleerekoper

Salco Kleerekoper

Chairman and Senior Partner
Mr. Kleerekoper is the Chairman of TASC Consulting & Capital. During his 25 years at TASC, he has established the company as the leading management consulting firm in Israel. He is a senior advisor on strategic issues to a large number of Israel’s largest corporations. He has expertise in the transportation and logistics, energy and infrastructure, and traditional industry sectors. Prior to setting up TASC, Mr. Kleerekoper worked for six years in London with a leading international consulting firm. He holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Relevant Experience

Energy & Utilities

  • Over 25 years of consulting to energy companies and utilities
  • Performed an international expansion project for a major Israeli E&P company
  • Advised Kazmunaigas on a US$ 3bn gas pipeline project linking Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with Russia
  • Acted as an economic-financial advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Finance in relation to a regasification facility
  • Provided strategic advisory to the Israel Electric Corporation in various assignments including the national electricity reform plan
  • Performed an international expansion project to a major Israeli renewable energy company
  • Advised Mekorot, The Israeli National water company, in various projects such as the development of its business strategy
  • Assessment of opportunities in the IPP sector in Turkey for a large holding company
  • Advised E.ON on the electricity reform process in Romania

Transportation & Logistics

  •  Advised the Israeli government on large national transportation PPP projects, among them the Carmel Tunnels, Cross Israel Highway and Jerusalem Light Railway projects
  • Formulated transportation development national plans for countries in Africa and Central Asia, focusing on roads and infrastructure strategy
  • Advised several public transportation companies regarding their local and international activities on issues like MAAS.
  • Designed a long-term strategy for several airline companies covering different issues, among them pricing, procurement, new growth engines and M&A processes
  • Formulated business strategies for leading logistics firms, including in relation to e-commerce and last-mile solutions

Industry & Defense

  • Advised leading industrial companies, in various fields, on possible international growth strategies, with a focus on European markets and the US
  • Assisted industrial companies on their procurement strategies, including implementing major outsourcing programs
  • Advised senior management of some of Israel’s largest industrial groups on their corporate strategy
  • Implemented major efficiency programs for some of Israel’s largest industrial companies

Financial Services

  • Advised leading Financial Services Companies, in various fields, including banking, payments, insurance and investments
  • Designed a strategic plan for advanced payments, including instant payments and digital wallets for a leading credit card company
  • Formulated strategic plans for a leading credit card company aiming to achieve ambitious consumer and business credit growth
  • Advised two leading global private equity funds in due-diligence for the potential purchase of an Israeli credit card company
  • Designed a detailed retail strategy plan, with emphasis on target consumer segments and SMEs, for a local leading bank
  • Assessment of investment decision analysis and regulatory implications in an innovative digital banking format
  • Designed a new operating model for the corporate division of a leading bank
  • Developed an action plan in relation to open banking regulation

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