Consulting Intern

About the Job

Consulting Intern is an entry position at our firm. A Consulting Intern is a Strategy Consultant, with the difference being the part-time capacity, so it fits with students’ schedules.

As a Consulting Intern, you will become part of a team of consultants advising senior management from leading corporations and governments on major strategic business decisions and challenges. You will be responsible for carrying out market research, data analysis, international benchmarking, drafting slides and sections of reports, and developing a financial model.


  • Honor students of a BA degree from leading academic institutions (in any academic field) with a remaining study period of 1 year or less
  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skills, excellent interpersonal relations, creativity & initiative, curiosity, personal impact & leadership skills
  • Fluent Hebrew, Fluent English; additional language is an advantage
  • No previous consulting or business experience is required

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