CX Specialist

About the Job

CX Specialist is an entry position at our firm. As a CX Specialist, you will become part of a multidisciplinary team of consultants advising senior management from leading corporations and government agencies on major strategic business decisions and challenges.

As a CX Specialist, you will be responsible for carrying out Digital Transformation processes, design and digital strategy, characterization of the user experience and digital Interfaces, prototyping, and user testing. All this while using Design Thinking and Service Design Methods and tools.

As a TASC consultant, you will enjoy a quality, challenging, dynamic work environment, learning opportunities, professional development, and promotion opportunities.


  • Bachelors degree in relevant field – Required
  • Expertise and knowledge of methodologies – Service Design Advantage
  • Analytical and research skills
  • Interface design and characterization software knowledge – Required
  • Prior UX experience (UX Designer, UX Researcher, and UX Strategy) is an advantage
  • Creative thinking, presentation abilities, and problem-solving skills are essential
  • Full-time availability

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