Natalia Fryd

Natalia Fryd

Principal, Expert in healthcare
Natalia is TASC’s health practice manager, and has participated in several projects for Israel’s health industry leaders. She also leads TASC’s knowledge base in the local and global industry and is in charge of business development. Studing Executive Msc. Health Economics, policy and administration, London School of Economics and holds a BA degree in Psychology and Business administration from TAU, and has a previous experience as a FP&A analyst in a global wireless backhaul company

Relevant Experience

Relevant experience:

  • Led the strategy formation of the new division of government medical centers, and a long term strategy for the division’s mental health centers
  • Participated in the formation of a long term strategic plan for one of Israel’s health providers, and accompanied the strategy implementation taskforce
  • Led the strategy formation of Aesthetics business unit- the largest among the three business units of a leading Israeli energy-based device company, and assisted with several planning and business development processes over the last few years
  • Participated in the formation of a national digital strategy for the ministry of education

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