Telecom, Media and Technology

Our Approach
TASC is the market leader in the TMT field in Israel, holding a rich experience spanning all its main sectors – Telecommunications, Media and Technology. Over the past two decades, we engaged with our clients in a wide variety of market-changing processes, both in the private and the public sectors. We helped build comprehensive strategic and regulatory plans, provided support for new market entrants, assisted the launch of new services and brands and took major parts in M&As in the field.
TASC is closely involved in these developments, holding truly unique expertise in aspects of corporate strategy, business growth & innovation, economic planning and digital strategy. Our practice includes consultants with a wide range of experience and cutting-edge skills.
Our Solutions
We use our expertise to help our clients face their most stressing challenges and decisions, among them:
  • Growth, including Go-to-Market strategy
  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Value-chain analysis
  • Regulatory coping strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions support
  • B2B focused growth, sales & marketing strategy
  • Pricing, promotion and sales optimization
Our Clients
Our client roster consists of top-tier companies and entities, including national bureaus, telecom incumbents, mobile operators, ISPs, cable and satellite TV companies, leading media groups, Private Equity funds, IT service providers, major application and equipment manufacturers, Venture Capital funds and innovative start-ups.

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

Accompanying the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation in building a five-year strategic plan

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Building a long-term strategy for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

TASC assisted a mid-tier IT provider in developing a multi-year strategic growth plan

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Developing a multi-year strategic plan for an IT provider

TASC was asked to counsel a mobile network operator in an auction for 5G spectrum

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Assisting a mobile network operator in an auction for 5G spectrum

TASC was asked to map the main sectors to drive demand for renting Data Center floor in Israel in the upcoming years

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Analysis of the main sectors to drive demand for renting Data Center floor in Israel in the upcoming years

Israel’s National Digital Strategy, focused on accelerating economic growth, reducing socio-economic gaps and making government smarter

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Israel’s National Digital Strategy Plan

TASC assisted a major  Israeli telco company in the complete Israeli broadband wholesale reform

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Regulatory advisory in the Israeli broadband wholesale reform

Building a strategic roadmap for a leading Israeli internet service provider resulting in its acquisition

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A strategic roadmap for a leading internet service provider

Formulating a comprehensive investment strategy for a leading Venture Capital fund

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A prominent VC’s overall portfolio strategy

Assisting a top-tier media group in establishing a new, digital video platform

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Launching a new video streaming platform for a top-tier media group

Assisted a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer in devolving a penetration strategy for the US market

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Market strategy for a telecom equipment manufacturer

Assisting a technology giant in evaluating the quantitative and qualitative contribution of its services to the Israeli economy

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Evaluating a tech giant’s contribution to GDP

Building a long-term strategy plan for a major telecom operator and accompanying its implementation

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5-year plan for a leading telecom operator

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