How can we help our clients?

Our Approach
TASC is proud of our collaborations with the Israeli public sector and considers our work together to be highly important. After all, we all live here, and a well-performing public sector benefits us all.
The focus of our work with the Israeli public sector in the past years has been in helping it better prepare and adapt for the future. In our work, we make it a point to bring the strategic thinking, data-driven decision making, and planning culture that are common practice in well-performing private sector companies, into the Israeli public sector. We also see great importance in our work facilitating technological progress, helping the Israeli public sector in increasing transparency and service availability over online channels.
Our Solutions
Our public sector practice helps public institutions, including government ministries and agencies, as well as municipalities, build and implement strategies to achieve their policy and organizational goals.
A few project examples are:
  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Annual planning, monitoring & measurement
  • Trends overviews
  • Spending review and efficiency-improvement plans
  • Macro-economic analysis
  • Economic policy papers
  • Digital transformation
Our Clients
At TASC we advise government authorities and public institutions. Our client base includes some of the largest-budgeted ministries and state institutions, statutory authorities and state-owned enterprises.

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

TASC was asked to assist a major government ministry by creating a post COVID-19 recovery plan during the first wave of the pandemic.

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A post COVID-19 recovery plan during the first wave of the pandemic

The study was formulated into a comprehensive position paper and submitted to the Ministry of Science and Technology

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Mapping economic benefits of applied research during the pandemic

TASC was asked to examine gaps in human capital and recommend possible steps and measures to reduce these gaps.

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Examination of gaps in human capital for infrastructure

TASC was asked to formulate a new strategy plan for the Government Procurement Administration.

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Strategy plan for the Government Procurement Administration

The plan was approved and implemented in the Labor Branch’s work plan for 2019

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Assisting the Labor branch in formatting a strategic multi-year digital plan

Constructing a 10-year strategic plan affecting all the state authorities, consumers and producers of statistical information

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Digital Strategy and Digital Transfomation plan for CBS 

Constructing a 5-year economic plan for Israel’s Arab sector valued at NIS 15 billion.

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Arab Sector Economic Plan for the Ministry of Finance

Constructing a multi-year goals, objectives, key tasks and outcome measures for the MOJ

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A Multi-Year Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Justice

Assisting the PMO in improving the Spending Review methodology, and in implementing it within government ministries

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Spending Review Methodology Improvement and Implementation

Financial advisory to government agencies in tendering large-scale infrastructure BOT/PFI projects

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Providing ongoing counseling on financing high impact infrastructure tenders

Formulating Israel’s official National Digital Strategy together with country’s National Digital Bureau

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Building a Strategy Plan with the National Digital Bureau

Assisting the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in formulating a professional position regarding support policy

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Position Paper Regarding Agriculture Support Policy Reform

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