Daniel Zinger

Daniel Zinger

Founding Partner
Mr. Zinger focuses on financial and economic consulting, especially on the industry & Defense industry. He co-founded TASC after several years of work with a number of economic consulting firms. Mr. Zinger holds an MA in Economics from Tel-Aviv University

Relevant Experience

relevant experience:

  • Advising the Israel Government on the 922 decision regarding the Arab Sector
  • Advised to Tel Aviv Municipality regarding strategic plans for its Convention center
  • Advised to Jerusalem Municipality regarding strategic plans for its subsidiary company Moriah and the city entrance district
  • Advised to Haifa Municipality for the implementation of Multi-Purpose Utility Tunnel
  • Advised to Rishon Le Tsion Municipality regarding strategic plan for the 1000 Dunam plot
  • Advised to Bnei Brak Municipality regarding strategic


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