How can we help our clients?

Our Approach
TASC is a leading consultant for the industry sector.
In the traditional industries sector, TASC has assisted its clients in developing long term strategies, identifying growth engines and new markets for entry (both locally and globally), and designing and implementing costs reduction and reorganization plans.
One of the subsectors where TASC has particular expertise is the A&D sector (Aerospace and Defense). TASC has been active in variety of strategic moves, integrating public and private sectors via PPP projects (in which we advised both governmental and private companies), developing international growth strategies and business plans aimed at coping with various trends in global military expenses and market opportunities, utilizing commercialization schemes for high-end military technologies penetrating civil markets, assisting the launch of new services and products and initiating large scale M&A schemes.
Our practice includes consultants with a wide range of experience and cutting-edge skills.
Our client roster consists of top-tier companies and entities, including large OEM’s and governmental agencies (including the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy).
Our Solutions
We use our expertise to help our clients on issues like:
  • Growth, including Go-to-Market strategy and business plans
  • “Do the Basics Right”: costs reduction, value chain optimization, organizational re-structure and work plans
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions support, including screening / commercial DD
  • “Commercializing” military technologies
  • Pricing, evaluation and development of distribution models
Our Clients
Our client roster consists of the major players in the traditional and defense industries, including both private OEM’s and governmental agencies

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

TASC assisted the Ministry of Science and Technology with examing the economic benefits of R&D investment in times of economic crisis

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Research on the economic benefit of investing in applied scientific research at times of pandemic

Creating a penetration strategy to the civilian market for a top tier Israeli Aerospace and Defense OEM

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Market Penetration Strategy for an Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

Assisting in creating a growth strategy for a top tier Israeli A&D OEM business unit focused on a high tech market

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Growth Strategy for an Aerospace & Defense Company

Accompanying a top tier Israeli A&D OEM in negotiations over a possible JV while assessing market potential

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Business Opportunity Consultation for an a&d Manufacturer

Formulating a 5 year strategic plan and reviewing growth engines for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies

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Strategic Plan for a Large Industrial Company

Developing growth strategy for a leading Israeli industrial manufacturer

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Growth Strategy Plan for a Large Industrial Company

Creating a growth strategy and an implementation scheme, for a subsidiary of a leading Israeli industrial company

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Detailed Growth Strategy for a Large Israeli Industrial

Reviewing the outsourcing potential of non-core activities for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies

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Outsourcing Strategy for a Large Israeli Industrial company

Forging a strategic plan and finding growth engines for an industry and services division of an Israeli corporation

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Strategic Plan for a Division of Large Israeli Industrial Corporation

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