How can we help our clients?

Our Approach
Our financial services practice consists of three sectors: the banking sector (including retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, etc.), the insurance sector (including property insurance, life and long term, etc.) and the payments market (including cards, mobile payments, etc.).
We supply a broad range of financial institutions with a deep understanding of the different sectors` structures, economics, competition and trends. We have profound experience working with a wide range of local and international financial institutes, from leading incumbent banks to cutting edge Fintech challengers.
Our distinct approach is characterized by a combination of rigorous fact-based analysis, strategic long-term thinking and innovative, creative solutions. We provide counsel on issues in strategy, operating and organizational capabilities, innovation, digital transformation, marketing, new product development and more.
Throughout our many years of experience working with the leading players in the Israeli financial services market, we have accumulated a deep understanding of the local conditions, competitive landscape, trends and regulation, positioning us as a clear expert in the local financial services ecosystem.
Our Solutions
The financial services industry is in a constant state of change. Even as the dust of the latest digital revolution is beginning to settle, new and exciting possibilities are being constantly introduced, and fintech challengers are aiming to reshape every aspect of the industry.
With consumer needs rapidly evolving, we help our clients devise strategies for the future. Over the years, TASC has assisted its clients to achieve sustained competitive advantage and capture the opportunities presented in this shifting landscape.
We provide our clients with a wide array of services, such as:
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Corporate strategy development and portfolio optimization
  • Product development and pricing
  • Customer analysis, insights and segmentation
  • Marketing and brand effectiveness Salesforce, channel strategy and branch network optimization
  • Technology operating model and logistics
  • Analytics and data management
  • M&A advisory
  • Risk Management
Our Clients
Our clients in the financial services industry consist of some of the leading banks, insurance companies and card companies in the country, as well as international banks, private equity investors, banking associations and more

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