Hila Zach

Hila Zach

Hila is a professional in the field of corporate and business strategy with many years of experience honing her expertise in the financial services industry. Hila joined the leadership of TASC after her time leading the Retail and Corporate strategy units of a major banking group in the Israeli market. Prior to her time in the banking sector she led the strategy of an Israeli telecommunications incumbent. Additionally, Hila is also a veteran of consulting firms specializing in strategy and macro-economics. Hila received her MBA and majored in finance and marketing at the University of Tel Aviv.

Relevant Experience

A veteran in leading strategic processes from ideation and design through execution, with a strong orientation for business, honed over 20 years of experience such as:

  • Designed the strategy and future operating model for the retail activity of a leading Israeli bank
  • Built a strategy for the affluent segment in a leading bank
  • Led management changes and large-scale workforce transformation processes
  • Created product and pricing solutions to address changing regulatory landscapes
  • Developed value propositions to target attractive and lucrative segments of the market
  • Designed and implemented complex customer segmentation models to scale up income and customer satisfaction through effective resource allocation
  • Lead Data-driven Branch Network Optimization including the design of new formats and their implementation
  • Designed growth strategy in core and non-core business
  • Modelled the impact of a leading payment application in order to direct future product development
  • Built SME strategy for a leading Israeli bank


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