Adi Cohen

Adi Cohen

Business Analyst
B. Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy), Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Being a TASCer

“Every week at TASC is different and you experience a diversity of challenges”


Working at TASC has given me a great opportunity to take part in a variety of projects that mark an impact on the public and private sectors in Israel. Moreover, the people at TASC are the main reason why TASC is a successful leading consulting firm, so as a consultant you can learn from the most professional and brilliant mentors; every week at TASC is different, thus you can experience a diversity of challenges and tasks.

TASC’s recepie for success

Our strong commitment to the clients and to the projects contribute to our undivided success. The attitude of TASC is that the sky is the limit, meaning there is no challenge or problem we can’t solve by creativity, hard work, and professional skills.

Contribution to our clients

As a business analyst in the strategy department, my role is to provide significant business insights. I work with a diverse and talented team and together with the client we discuss the best solution to achieve the goals that we have set. On top of that, I use my unique relevant education and experience in the health industry for projects which are related to the health sector.


The atmosphere at TASC is very friendly, so you can work hard but also have fun at the same time. After the workday ends, we are still able to hang out together, enjoy the city and celebrate special events. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we experienced the aftermath of quarantining and social distancing, but at TASC you can always find creative ideas to connect with your friends and colleagues.




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