Adi Gilad

Adi Gilad

Digital Analyst
B.A. in Psychology (Minor in Entrepreneurship) and M.A. in Human-Computer Interaction Masters Program, IDC Herzliya

Being a TASCer

“It’s much more fun to achieve your goals when you can learn new things along the way”

Why consulting and why TASC?

When I completed my first degree, I was attracted to areas of user experience and dreamed about influencing people’s attitude toward technology. When I heard TASC was looking to expand to new areas of user experience, service design and digital strategy I knew this would be my next adventure.

Practical Work

As a digital analyst, I advise clients on identifying the digital strategy, customer journey and user experience that accompany their digital products. My colleagues and I provide custom-made solutions using qualitative and ethnographic research techniques, identifying needs and opportunities and developing insights and in-depth concepts.

Contribution to our clients

Our attitude toward our clients resembles a partnership. Many of our clients are experiencing their first user research analysis which often offers them new perspectives on their services. Those new perspectives are translated to new customer journeys and that’s a huge benefit for the client.

Social activities at TASC

TASC is the mix and match of everything you need in your social life: someone to laugh with, to learn from, to run with, to drink 6 o’clock beer or clubbing with at 4 am. That’s our spirit!

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