Adi Holsblat

Adi Holsblat

Organizational Consultant
B.A in Psychology and Management and MBA specializing in Organizational Behavior, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Generating an incredibly important impact”

Why consulting?

Consulting allows me to combine all my favorite things in one. It requires working with people first and foremost. Second, it requires creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking. Questions, curiosity, and finding solutions to problems are things I enjoy. Consultants face new challenges every day due to versatile and ever-changing projects, so the job is never boring.


The people are the reason for this! When I was at university studying, I met some of these brilliant, talented, and fun TASCers. TASC is also regarded as Israel’s leading consulting firm and is considered one of the most ideal places to gain experience and grow professionally and personally.

Making an impact

As an organizational consultant, every interaction I have with clients is focused on helping them better understand their organization and its environment. I can help create a solution that will capture the market’s future while also meeting the client’s needs, which will enable him to embrace the transition easier. I have worked on multidisciplinary projects that integrated strategic and organizational consulting techniques. I have gained valuable skills and new tools from working with consultants from different departments during these types of integrated projects.


Life at TASC

In the office, there is a culture of mutual assistance, collaboration, brainstorming, and fun. Consultants generally work in open space offices, which allows you to watch brainstorm sessions, professional consultations, and tips are given from one department to another. The organizational culture is fantastic, whether it be office-wide cheers for new employees or Happy Hour every Thursday.