Amir Shitay

Amir Shitay

BA in Information Technology and Aerospace, Ben-Gurion University; MBA (Magna cum laude), Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Being yourself, aiming high, working hard, delivering value, having fun”


Upon leaving a fairly long military career, I was looking for a change in direction to the business world where I would have the chance to learn and grow while still making use of my previous experience. Consulting seemed like a good fit, and speaking to various TASC consultants at different levels prior to joining I got to know the unique culture and great atmosphere at the firm. The initial impressions from those conversations and from the hiring process were excellent, and they turned out to be accurate.

Real, diverse work from day one

I was assigned real responsibilities right from the start on my first day at TASC. We were designing a growth strategy for a leading global aerospace manufacturer, and I had the opportunity to take on several aspects of the analysis and report even though I was still relatively new at the firm. As I progressed, I was fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of projects and business sectors from defense to financial services, taking part in both strategy and finance engagements. Every step of the way, I had the opportunity to take on larger roles as part of my project teams and the advancement hasn’t stopped.

Work-life balance

Coming into consulting, I knew I was going to work hard and invest a lot of personal resources. With that in mind, it was important for me to find a firm that would allow enough flexibility to handle unplanned personal events, especially considering that I am required for military reserve duty fairly often and because I have a kid at home. I put all the required efforts (and more!) into work, and in return TASC lets me respond to sudden developments that require me to leave the office unexpectedly. Having the ability to manage my own schedule and being counted on to deliver the best possible results is something I very much appreciate.

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