Ben Ariel Burd

Ben Ariel Burd

B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“Being in the frontline of projects of national importance, both in the private and public sectors”


Working at TASC exposes you to a variety of different fields. It takes time to understand what excited you the most and in which industries you want to evolve. TASC provides the opportunity to get familiar with many industries while working with top tier companies and market leaders and getting this figured out.

Making an impact

Before I started working at TASC I had a slightly negative stereotype of consulting firms not having enough positive social impact. TASC had proved me wrong. During my time here, I worked with different ministries such as the Ministry of Finance, the Economy and ministry for Security on projects of the at most importance to the Israeli public. An amazing opportunity for anyone who wishes to make a significant impact.

Work-life balance

Consulting is a very demanding line of work; some projects could keep you and your team at the office until very late. That said, all the managers at TASC started from the ground up, and are highly considerate. It is challenging, but definitely possible to keep a healthy work-life balance.


I have met an amazing group of people that would stay with me for many years to come. It is rare to find a work place that enables and encourages you to form such strong bonds with colleagues. More than anything, people here look out for one another and would gladly help and make time when needed.

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