Dror Dim

Dror Dim

BSc. in Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ; MBA, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Learning from the best and brightest”


I always aspire to work in a place that challenges me, and TASC is exactly that place. At TASC I can learn from the best and brightest. Plus, the people at TASC are not only highly professional, but they are also super friendly and supportive.

Contribution to our clients

My contribution is in helping decision-makers better understand their organizations and the environments they operate in. Based on our analytical work, they can make the right decision that will take their organizations to the next level. I have been involved in a wide range of fields – from traditional manufacturing to energy companies, the public sector and even non-governmental organizations.

Work-life balance

Outside work, I enjoy working out or swimming, going to the beach or exploring everything food-related. On holidays I like to travel overseas – go hiking in nature, explore new cities or relax in a nice resort.


The atmosphere is very friendly and cooperative. Most consultants work in a shared space, which encourages communication between the teams. The day-to-day life involves intense work, but without giving up on happy hours or coffee breaks.