Erez Yaniv


Erez Yaniv

Financial Associate
BA in Accounting and Economics, Ben-Gurion University; MBA in financial management, Tel- Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Wanting to excel at each task and learning and improving in everything you do”


After working for three years as an accountant, I was looking for a place where I could expand my financial knowledge and experience in exciting and challenging ways. TASC was the perfect place. From day one, I worked on complex financial models, performed high-level data analysis, and many other interesting projects. Being part of the capital practice at TASC allows me to keep improving my analytical skills and business orientation.


I think the people at TASC have a unique DNA ‒ smart people who also are fun to work with. The people at TASC make the workplace a pleasant and encouraging environment.

Work-life balance

The dynamic work environment makes work-life balance a bit challenging, but TASC allows you to learn how to balance work with personal life even in an intense work environment.

Making an impact

At TASC, I have the opportunity to contribute to the most significant processes of the Israeli economy. It’s not uncommon to read about our work yesterday in this morning’s newspaper. One of my most memorable moments at TASC was the day I saw a two- page article about the results of a financial model that I had a significant part in developing.

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