Gali Gonen

Gali Gonen

Knowledge & Learning Manager
B.A in Political Science and Philosofy, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“The opportunity to learn and gain insight into a variety of interesting markets”

Challenging work

It’s challenging to consult consultants. As one of my responsibilities, I advise the company on retaining knowledge and addressing knowledge gaps.

Improving the experts

I’m also responsible for making sure we provide our customers with new, innovative, and competitive services, that our consultants use a set of tools and methodologies that are up-to-date, and that they are informed with relevant trends. Upskilling them with the tools and technologies of the future is also critical to their success.

As TASC has such a diverse practice portfolio, I have the opportunity to learn and gain insight into a variety of interesting markets and ecosystems.

In my spare time

During my spare time, I enjoy listening to music (I have a music blog), attending gigs, watching movies (I like monster movies just as much as I like Cannes festival winners), and reading. I have a teenager at home, and she reached an age where we can enjoy most of these activities together.


A typical day at work at TASC offers a perfect balance between intellectual challenge and fun, as well as the feeling that you are part of a very cool atmosphere

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