Gali Havkin

Gali Havkin

Senior Analyst
LLB, Faculy of Law and Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“Gain a deeper understanding of a different business market”

Why consulting?

The main reason I wanted to become a consultant was to learn more about how large companies operate and make a real impact on the strategy and decision-making processes of those companies. As a consultant, I am constantly challenged to think creatively and grow and learn on a daily basis.


In each of the projects at TASC, you gain a deeper understanding of a different business market and develop your expertise at the same time. TASC is known for its unique work atmosphere that does not exist anywhere else; amazing and talented minds, from whom you can get to learn something new each day.

Contribution to our clients

I believe we make a significant impact for our clients and by helping them think creatively (“out of the box”), challenge their decision-making routine. Thanks to the adjustment of unique and creative solutions to complex business problems we help our clients transform their business and increase profitability.

Life at TASC

Despite the busy work schedules, TASC is a fun place to work where people can talk, laugh, and have lunch together. That is what makes me smile every day when I enter the office.

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