Guy Aziza

Guy Aziza

Digital Analyst
PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics), Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Helping your clients improve user experiences in many ways”

Why consulting at TASC?

Strategic consulting allows you to gain knowledge about various business fields and face various challenges. Working at TASC, in particular, gives one the opportunity to meet many different audiences and influence them in a variety of ways.

Making an impat

Because I work both with the public and private sectors at TASC, I am able to deal with stakeholders in diverse life situations and improve user experiences in many ways. Through my work, I improve the customer and citizen experience. We provide better and more humane service experiences through our work.

A typical workday

In my current position at TASC, I consult on user experience. I help organizations so they can better understand their users so they can deliver the best user experience to them. The days I spend as a user experience consultant at TASC are busy and full of activity.  Day-to-day activities are mainly meetings with clients, learning new business ecosystems, and collaborating with colleagues.


Life at TASC

When you work at TASC, you spend most of the day surrounded by intelligent, fun, smart, and friendly colleagues.