Guy Reisler

Guy Reisler

B.A. in Philosophy Economics Political program, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Solving problems with out-of-the-box thinking”


Because working at TASC is an interesting, challenging, meaningful experience. You get overcome those to face challenges every day, think outside of the box, and once you challenge, your solution will have a real impact. Combine all of that with great people around you and young and cool atmosphere, and you get a great place to work in.

TASC moment to share

A couple of months ago, we presented of a strategic plan to the CEO of one of the largest companies in the Israeli market. On the way back to our office, I asked to be dropped down near the university, so I can get to class. The partner leading the project asked me: “How many of your classmates getting to class after such a meeting ?”. He had a point. I believe that this is a very unique job, especially for students.

My career path at TASC

I started at TASC as a part-time student in an intern position, while looking for a job that will give me a chance to develop and to gain professional experience and the opportunity to grow inside the organization and get better. Now, when I’m a manager, I realize TASC gave me just what I looked for.

Real, diverse work right from day one

For me, the main advantage of working in TASC is the diversity of the projects. In one project you can find yourself learning how the banking system works, in the next one analyzing the recent trends in the telecommunication market, and after that developing a strategic plan for a ministry. The exposure to all market segments is what makes the work in TASC so much more interesting.