Hadar David

Hadar David

Data Specialist
B.A in Management Information Systems, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Being a TASCer

“Learn from rich experienced consultants and be part of significant projects”


TASC is an experienced company with a large portfolio of clients and projects. I knew that at TASC I could learn from rich experienced consultants, be part of significant projects, and assist in the development and expansion of the company into new areas of activity.

Practical Work

As a Data Specialist, I specialize in data strategies, analysis, and BI. I help TASCs clients make better, data-driven, decisions. Understanding and analyzing data is critical for decision-makers at all levels of the organization. In addition, I help the clients generate significant insights, using data analysis, research, and expertise.

Professional Opportunity

Working at TASC gives me the perfect combination of zooming out on companies and markets while deep-diving into new worlds on content. This is a dynamic, challenging, instructive, and interesting job that exposes me to a variety of areas that I would not have been exposed to otherwise.


Since the work model is project-based and in work teams, I collaborate with my team-mates and other departments to produce the best product. The wide variety of consultants at TASC enables us to easily learn from each other and makes the work experience pleasant and successful.

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