Hadas Bergman

Hadas Bergman

BA in Business & Communications, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“Always taking on new challenges, Never stop learning!”


TASC is the leading management consulting firm in Israel, and I have no doubt that if you want to have a significant impact and drive change working with the largest private and public business in Israel, this is the place for you.

Career Journey

I started my professional career at 8200, and later as a BI consultant, where I got to experience how data is disrupting the traditional industry and lead data-driven decision-making processes in Israel’s top companies. During my bachelor degree, I worked as a community manager for a B2B startup, where I learned about the Israeli tech & innovation ecosystem. The transition to management consulting was natural to me, as I wanted to learn more about the business world, and I joined TASC as a Business Analyst. The position allowed me to grow my analytical capabilities, acquire business frameworks and to experiment across different industries. As I moved up in TASC, I had the opportunity to pursue my passion and establish the Digital & Service Design Practice at the company, become a manager and introduce digital transformation to the most digitally underdeveloped fields like government services, legal and healthcare.

I am now ready to continue my professional growth and will attend an MBA in one of the top business schools in the US.

Making an impact

TASC has allowed me to pursue my passion for digital transformation and has supported me in establishing a new Digital & Service Design practice at TASC. Through the new practice, I got to introduce service design and user research methods, lead human-centered digital transformation in top organizations in financial services, telecom and public sector that drive real change in the way organizations engage with their customers.


TASC culture is about always learning and growing and challenging yourself while being surrounded by the most talented peers, managers and partners to help and support your process.

Social Impact

Building Israel’s national digital strategy, using digitization to bridge the significant socio-economic gaps among disadvantaged populations, while increasing both national and local government efficiency.

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