Ido Harash

Ido Harash

Consulting Intern
PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Being a TASCer

“The ability to utilize a variety of skills to accomplish a specific goal”


Being a consultant entails developing an eclectic skill set – economics, presentation skills, analytical thinking, and creative thinking – something I find very appealing. As a student, I chose TASC because it allows me to grow as a professional, acquire meaningful experience, and continue succeeding academically.

Part of a team

As part of a team, I am able to contribute not only by completing assignments and my day-to-day tasks, but also by expressing myself and debating with my colleagues. TASC is a very meritocratic workplace where even I, as a new Intern, have the opportunity to change things and reimagine things, and the only thing that counts is the power of my idea, not my title.

Contribution to our clients

In combination with my informal-education background and my experience working in this field for the last few years, I am confident that TASC is a place where I can utilize my skills in order to advance our customers.


There is a great work environment at TASC; brilliant people share ideas and enhance each other’s expertise so that the customer gets the most value possible.