Jessica Vcherashansky

Jessica Vcherashansky

Marketing Coordinator
B.A in Communication and Management, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“The ability to significantly change and influence the lives of consumers and citizens”


Since I was an undergraduate student I’ve heard about TASC as a great place to start your professional journey. As a TASCer, you take part in the crucial decision-making in the Israeli economy and acquire new tools and skills every day.

Making an impact

TASC is working with the largest organizations in the Israeli economy and accompanying the most critical processes in those organizations. In fact, many of the things we witness as consumers or as citizens, are results of the work at TASC. Thus, the biggest impact is the ability to significantly change and influence the lives of consumers and citizens.

My day-to-day work

As a Marketing Coordinator at TASC, I am responsible for all the “facing out” elements (such as processes and outcomes) in the company. I devote many efforts to branding and positioning the company. So, if you are reading this text, it’s a sign I’ve succeeded in my work 🙂


As cliche as it may sound, TASC has THE MOST amazing, brilliant, and funny people. In every workday at TASC, you can learn something new from your co-workers, whether it’s work-related or whether it’s just for your general knowledge. The combination of brilliant people with a high level of interpersonal communication makes each day an amazing experience




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