Leon Aronsky

Leon Aronsky

B.A. in Cognitive Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Being a TASCer

“Always taking on new challenges, Never stop learning!”


Working at TASC enables you to gain a true understanding of the senior management system – from strategy to execution. Working side-by-side with consultants from the organizational, finance and digital practices helps me know my industry better, think more comprehensively and bring more value to our clients.


The TASC culture is based on joint thinking. Around the table, everyone is welcome to present ideas freely in a non-judgmental environment. Pretty much from day one, you are put in a position where you can influence major decisions.


The people at TASC represent a unique combination of intelligence, talent and hardworking nature with creativity, sense of humour and lack of ego. TASCers are the kind of people with whom you can find yourself burning the midnight oil while working on a major project one night and having several drinks after work the next day.

Professional & Social impact

The thing I’m most proud of, as a part of my work at TASC, is the significant impact we have on Israeli society through our work with the Israeli public sector. We are helping the government work through complex issues that will have a long-lasting impact on Israeli society

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