Lital Ben Yosef

Lital Ben Yosef

Client Leader
B.A in Management, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MBA with a major in Information Systems, Bar Ilan University.

Being a TASCer

“Working at TASC provides me the opportunity to learn and grow daily”

Why Consulting?

My first encounter with consulting was during my B.A at the Hebrew University, when I took part in “Nova Project”, a strategic consulting for NGOs. Later on, after several years working in the field of business operations, I heard that TASC is expanding its work in the world of operations. Due to the fact that I find this field very interesting and appealing, I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to work with diverse clients while taking part in meaningful, high-impact projects.

And why TASC?

TASC is a highly experienced management consulting firm with a diverse client portfolio, that among many areas of specialty, specializes in the field of operations and operational excellence. Given my aspiration to deepen my understanding in these fields, I knew that working at TASC would provide me with the challenges I am looking for, along with the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis.

Contribution to our clients

Our goal is to bring value to our customers by enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. We challenge the customers’ current state and offer a different perspective that allows us to formulate the right operative moves.




There is a very strong friendship between the consultants. Alongside the fun we have together, there is a strong culture of mutual help, and everyone is happy to assist in deliberation and other different challenges.