Lital Portner

Lital Portner

Client Leader
MSc. in Service Systems Engineering and Management, and BSc. in Industrial and Management

Being a TASCer

“Helping our customers untangle questions, set goals, and define actions”

Why consulting and why TASC?

My career dream has always been to be a consultant. Providing well-rounded and sound advice to a diverse group of organizations is an amazing and impactful experience. It’s no secret that TASC makes a big impact in public and private service sectors, helping organizations to think and act with purpose

Contribution to our clients

Complex business problem solving requires broad knowledge, a methodological framework, and a creative mindset. Several organizations lack the time or knowledge to deal with certain business challenges, and that is where we can help. A good team of consultants led by a great manager takes on the task of helping our customers untangle questions, set goals, and define actions.

Practical Work

I specialize in operations consulting, mapping and designing new processes, defining business needs and translating them into KPI’s, technological requirements, and assessment plans and tools


It is a place where you can work with great people who will continually challenge your way of thinking so that your mind and insight will be sharpened. It is a fun workplace. We have happy hour Thursdays, take vacations yearly, and celebrate birthdays




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