Lori Tsesvan

Lori Tsesvan

Org. Manager
B.A. in Psychology (Minor in Business Administration), IDC Herzliya; MSc in Organizational Behavior, Tel-Aviv University

Being a TASCer


The list of things that are a “must” for me in every job I take is entailed in the consulting world. It’s a dynamic type of work that allows ever-changing, diverse and flexible experiences – from different projects, sectors and on to the different work teams. Moreover, consulting means working with the sharpest and most unique and interesting people also at TASC you can develop various skills and gain expertise, meet high profile players and decision-makers and learn continuously

Contribution to our clients

Our clients are usually and naturally busy with their day to day work. Most of the time they find themselves drowning in habitual tasks and processes they do automatically. I believe we grant them the opportunity to pause and rethink about the way things are getting done. Most of us are blind to our mistakes and to the way we do things, it’s inevitable. That is why you need someone from the outside with a fresh point of view that can challenge your way of thinking and assist in performing a sharper and more rational decision-making process.