Maayan As


Maayan As

LLB, Faculty of Law, BA in Economics, University of Haifa

Being a TASCer

“To integrate analytical thinking with creativity and innovation”


As Israel’s leading consulting firm, TASC provides its consultants with the enormous intellectual challenge of finding creative solutions to complex business problems. TASC offers a unique opportunity to work alongside the very best in an inspiring work environment.


During the recruitment process and after joining TASC, the culture and people at TASC stood out. I enjoy working on project teams, love our social hours and all the other activities we do together. It’s great that our office is a community ‒ we hang out together after work, enjoy joint activities of the “TASC Leisure” program, and celebrate birthdays and special events during the weekly toast.

Love at first sight

My first project at TASC was in the energy sector. It turned out to be a great fit! The vast experience TASC has in Israel’s energy sector gave me an opportunity to take part in significant developments of this nascent Israeli sector.

Global experience

During my time at TASC, I have had the privilege to work on several projects with global companies. This included consulting for a global company regarding developments in Israel’s natural gas market; assisting in forming an economic opinion for a global company in the energy sector; and researching the telecom industry of a foreign country.

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