Mais Ershied

Mais Ershied

Senior Analyst
B.A in Psychology and Management and MBA, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Spending most of your day surrounded by bright, intelligent, and fun co-workers”


TASC is known for the variety of services it offers, making it the right place for people looking to be exposed to diverse projects and industry practices at the beginning of their careers. Yet, as a consultant that grows and progresses, TASC offers a path where you can develop expertise in an industry that you find most interesting.

Making an impact

As a consultant, you help the clients examine their managerial decisions as an outsider, through an objective lens; For example, while a client might approach you with a hurdle or a problem – examination of the external environment, diagnosing internal data, and questioning the behavior of the organizations’ members, may necessitate a redefinition of the problem at hand.

Career Journey

While initially specializing in Public Sector, lately, due to TASC’s specialty in many industry practices I had the opportunity to explore the Financial Services Sector and provide consultancy to firms and managements in the field. By doing so, I have entered a whole new world I wanted to explore and develop my skills in.


Working at TASC means you spend most of your day surrounded by bright, intelligent, and fun co-workers who become your friends and people you happily choose to spend your day with. I feel lucky being surrounded by colleagues who constantly support, challenge, and develop each other.




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