Natalia Fryd

Natalia Fryd

B.A degree in Psychology and Business administration, Tel Aviv University; Executive Msc. Health Economics, policy and administration, London School of Economics

Being a TASCer

“Endless curiosity and achieving significant impact”


TASC’s vertical structure allows you to focus on an industry in which you can develop thorough expertise, meet the most significant players and decision makers, and learn about recent trends both local and global.

Women power at TASC

I was one of three women consultants who joined TASC on the same day! TASC strives to recruit women to a profession that is considered masculine, so there are many women consultants, as well as women in higher management levels, who can be looked up to and consulted.

Love at first sight

I fell in love with the healthcare sector when I did my first project for a global medical- device provider and haven’t been able to let go of the healthcare industry since. My favourite client has been the government Division of Medical Centers, a relatively new division that had to position itself in a very intense system. We assisted them, from the beginning, in shaping their positioning and developing their strategy. We have an amazing relationship in which we learn from each other and enjoy full cooperation toward mutual goals.

Personal achievement

Presenting our long-term strategic plan for the Division of Medical Centers to all the government hospital CEOs at a special conference, which was also the first time in the history of Israel that all of the government medical centres held a united conference.

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