Nimrod Zach

Nimrod Zach

Business Analysts
L.M, Haifa University

Being a TASCer

“Learning to excel in every aspect”


I was looking for a place in which I will learn to bring out the best of me and become an excellent analytical business man. Little did I know that TASC would offer me much more. For me, TASC is a place where you can make a difference, where you can impact the life of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people, helping society and developing better operations and strategy for governmental and commercial entities. While projects vary, our daily tasks require analytical, logical and proactive thinking. We are required to think outside the box and provide unique and compelling hypothesis. The work environment is amazing, every consultant has a unique story and each one brings something different to the table. We learn to excel on a daily basis.

Making an impact

One of my biggest projects dealt with the Israeli health system. The project had many aspects, in one of them we developed a strategy to optimize a large number of health clinics. The direct effect was shorter waiting periods for patients, but more importantly -better medical care. Throughout the project we constantly felt the impact we were creating in the ambulatory medical world. The project was intense and challenging, but we embraced the challenge and push ourselves to provide better and more accurate results.


Our daily work is in an open-space, so we interact and talk to each people all the time. Every consultant, manager or partner have an extraordinary past, every one presents a special feature. In the course of my work, I had met fascinating, learnt about different issues and educated myself from working side by side to other consultants. Other than that, we are good friends, we meet after work, grab drinks pretty often and talk about anything, anytime. The atmosphere is great, I wouldn’t change my colleagues for the world.

Real, diverse work right from day one

On my first day on the job I was asked to assist in an analytic model. As a former attorney, it was a whole new challenge. As the days, weeks and months went by, I became more and more skilled. With a lot of hard work, co-workers’ assistance and managers guidance, I am now experienced enough to build a model from scratch. Today I am even helping out new consultants and passing on the analytical and strategy methodologies I had learnt.

Every assignment requires us to think, it is one of my favorite things about my work, I find myself constantly thinking and challenging myself.

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