Ori Harari-Dallal


Ori Harari-Dallal

Senior Organizational Consultant
Master’s degree in Organizational-Social Psychology, Bar-Ilan University ; BA in Biology & Psychology (Major research field: Charismatic leadership), Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Always thinking about the customer and how to provide added value. Always aiming to be the best”


I chose to work at TASC because it’s Israel’s leading consulting firm, focuses on leading long-term processes, and makes a significant impact on top organizations. At TASC, I get to work with top consultants and learn from the best.


TASC’s culture strives for excellence and professionalism while emphasizing mentorship and self-development. Creativity, ambition and achieving the best are all part of TASC’s culture.


TASC consultants have a unique DNA. The people I work with are brilliant, friendly and fun. It’s amazing to see all these talented people together in one place.

Professional & social impact

By leading organizations to excellence, I feel my work has a significant impact on the organizational culture, people and outcomes. Specifically, by working with the public sector, I feel the importance of influencing society, as well.

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