Roee Zass

Roee Zass

BA in Economics and Management, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“360-degree thinking”


TASC is the perfect combination of interest, professional challenge, and positive atmosphere.

Career journey

I began working as an economic consultant during my studies and moved to TASC a year after graduation. I started at TASC as an associate taking part in major infrastructure projects in the Israeli market and, over time, strengthened my expertise in the energy, water and environment sectors. My original goal was to become a project manager. Over the years, I learned that I love the professional work of consulting, the people, and the dynamics.


A high degree of perfectionism, curiosity, professionalism, pleasantness, and ethical standards makes the people and place special to me.

Professional & Social impact

My ability to assist organizations in promoting and achieving progress in environmental-friendly technologies and projects, as well as specific environmental reforms in which I’ve been involved.

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