Rotem Vacknin

Rotem Vacknin

Senior Organizational Consultant
B.A in Psychology and Management and MBA specializing in Organizational Behavior, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Generating an incredibly important impact”


TASC’s expertise in the public and governmental sectors has been a key differentiator for me, as I strongly believe that improving the functionality and enhancing efficiency in such institutions has a crucial contribution to the Israeli economy and society. Thus, it was obvious to me that TASC will be the right place for me to generate this incredibly important impact. Furthermore, I chose TASC for its high quality of human capital which allows me to grow, both personally and professionally.

Making an impact

At TASC I have the opportunity to create impact across organizations and drive improvements to the quality of service provided to the public. Moreover, at TASC I face the challenge of being required to learn various domains in-depth and being able to create value as a result. As an organizational consultant, I am frequently provided with these opportunities, while working in a dynamic and high-paced environment where I am constantly learning and improving.

Contribution to our clients

As part of the specialization in organizational consulting with an emphasis on the public sector, I do the utmost to contribute to our clients by challenging existing paradigms and drive efficacy to their work and processes. Consequently, our clients achieve organizational improvement and growth, and the public gets to benefit from high-quality service.



TASC is characterized by quality people, a highly supportive team, and a great environment that produces friendships and strong relationships. As a result, different professionals across the company’s teams and fields of expertise can learn from each other and enjoy each others’ company.


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