Shany Machlev

Shany Machlev

B.A in Psychology and Developmental aspects in education, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Not settling for less than perfect in everything you do”


Because of the never-ending intellectual challenges, and the opportunity to make a real impact in various industries and to the Israeli society. Taking part in all sorts of projects, in different sectors and practices, makes the experience of consulting in TASC truly fascinating. The daily work at TASC redefines the term “comfort zone” for me – nothing is considered out of my comfort zone anymore. With each new project I find new interests in different fields in the market, in some of which I had little experience or interest prior to working in TASC


Professionally, the way we work in teams at TASC encourages open discussions, so I always feel comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas and shaping them with my teammates. Socially, the people at TASC make up a somewhat community – we celebrate birthdays and holidays together, enjoy activities in the “TASC leisure” Program, hang out after hours, and most importantly, we support each other whenever is needed


When trying to find a new way to solve a business problem, or to rethink a given situation, you have to be both creative and open-minded. These are two of the qualities that characterize the people in TASC. Working in teams with excellent people, all of which aim as high as possible inspires me personally to do my best in everything

Love at first sight

My first strategic project in TASC was in the public sector, and it aimed to create a strategic 10-year plan for a big city in Israel. Coming from a professional background of social-educational programs in which I worked in cooperation with local authorities, I knew it would be a great fit. And indeed, the extensive experience TASC has in the public sector, alongside the uniqueness of this project provided me the opportunity to learn a lot and to actually take part in shaping the future of this city. That’s the real essence of making an impact for me

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