Tzlil Lavi

Tzlil Lavi

Organizational Consultant
B.A. in Psychology and Business Management, Tel Aviv University M.A. in Organizational & Social Psychology, Bar Ilan University

Being a TASCer

“To be a problem solver and a creative thinker. Use your abilities, skills and experience to make a difference every day”


The people I work with are simply the best of the best. As a consultant at TASC, I have the opportunity to learn from inspiring and exceptional people with great ideas.


The people at TASC are its greatest strength.  They are intelligent, talented and hard-working. Every consultant stems from a different professional background and has unique expertise, which gives me a chance to learn a lot every day.

Work-life balance

Balancing between your personal life and a demanding career is not always easy. I believe that the key to success is to set your priorities and to act upon them.

TASC provides me the flexibility to pursue personal interests, for example with setting days when offices close at a specific hour. Another great advantage of working at TASC is to manage our own time, as we see fit.

Career Journey

Before TASC, I worked at a university lab, focusing on decision-making processes. While it was fascinating, working at a lab can be very isolated and slow paced.

I joined TASC because I wanted to be part of a team, share my ideas and feel the immediate impact of my work.


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