Yarden Shtrozman


Yarden Shtrozman

BA, Accounting and Economics, Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Being a leader and team player”


Because I wanted to make an impact on the future of businesses, TASC was a natural choice. The day-to-day activities match exactly what I was looking for and involve exploring new business areas, analyzing business trends and advising decision makers regarding their next business move.

Career journey

After a three-year tenure at a Big 4 accounting firm, I started with TASC as a Business Analyst. During my first year, I strengthened my analytical abilities and, after being promoted to an Associate, I spent my second year mainly coordinating the team’s work and thought processes. Then, as a Project Manager, I spent my third year leading the financial consultants through various long-term projects and managing client relations. Making high-profile, complex decisions along the way, I dealt with a broad array of topics such as infrastructure projects, introducing ridesharing services, divestitures, government structure and more. In all these realms, the principle of creating value through change guided each of my decisions.

TASC moment to share

During my first year at TASC, I was working with a leading public transportation group in a large-scale tender. The day before the bid submission date I met with the group owners and had to justify why I advised them to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in order to win the bid. Everything I was looking for from my professional career was right there – decision making, quick-paced thinking and providing value through thorough analyses.


Working at TASC I know my colleagues are always willing to provide their industrial expertise insights and to support other work process issues. Those characteristics, in addition to the many TASC personal tutoring and mentoring initiatives (First-Day Tutor, Personal Manager, Mentor Partner), are super valuable in a high-paced team- environment and make one feel valuable on every team, no matter which position he or she holds.

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