Mor Shtruminger Cohen

Mor Shtruminger Cohen

Strategy Manager
LL.B Law and B.A in Political Science and M.A in Public Policy, both from Tel Aviv University

Being a TASCer

“Being involved in influencing significant decisions at economic, social and public levels”


As a leading consulting firm, TASC takes part in projects that can change public policy and impact the lives of all of us. Being a consultant at TASC is a great opportunity to work with the finest in every field, influence important economic decisions, and simultaneously have fertile ground for personal development.

Contribution to our clients

As a Manager in the Public sector, I have the privilege of being involved in significant decisions at economic, social and public levels. My experience in the public sector, due to previous roles in law firms and the public and third sector, contributes to TASC’s significant added value with fast and effective decisions in the Israeli public policy.