Tom Maurice

Tom Maurice

Tom leads TASC’s Finance practice and specializes in Project finance. Tom has been with TASC for a decade, assisting our clients in raising billions of shekels in debt and equity. Tom holds a BA in Economics and business management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Relevant Experience

Relevant experience:

  • Financial consultant to an international consortium led by S&B in raising over NIS 3b to finance a 121MW CSP plant
  • Financial consultant to Electra in raising over NIS 350m for a student dormitory project
  • Financial consultant to an international consortium in the financing of a project for the construction and operation of highway 16
  • Financial consultant for a consortium in the winning tender for the development of a natural gas distribution network
  • Financial consultant to a leading logistics company in a tender for the right to operate the main cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport
  • Financial consultant to an agrochemical company in procuring a long-term private BOT project for the removal of waste product from its facility