A new operating model for physiotherapy institutes

Formulating a new operating model for physiotherapy institutes in a large healthcare organization
  • Business Dilemma:
    A leading healthcare organization was experiencing long wait times for appointments in physiotherapy institutes. TASC’s operational excellence team was asked to create an improved operating model that would benefit patients, therapists, and administrative staff.


  • Process:
    In the first phase, an operational-organizational review was conducted, including analysis and mapping of the current situation; meetings with relevant managers; observations of work processes; formal job definitions; and actual occupational analyses. We also added internal and external benchmarks and a data analysis of collected information to create recommendations and the concept for the new operating model. The second phase involved horizontal implementation of work recommendations, including a detailed characterization of the institute’s activities and formulation of a work standard; designation of change leaders; and planning and creation of a detailed implementation plan.


  • Solution & impact:
    A new operating model was implemented that focuses on strengthening the role of the institute’s management as a basis for quality assurance, service improvement and efficiency. The changes have led to a dramatic improvement in availability with no new FTEs added; significant reductions in waiting times and the number of no-shows; and standardization of the organizational and operating models of physiotherapy institutions across the country.

For more information: Lilach Shunami-Timor, Lilach@hoshen-s.co.il