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In the traditional-industries sector, TASC has assisted its clients (including large OEMs and governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Economy) in developing long-term strategies, identifying growth engines and new markets for entry (both locally and globally), and designing and implementing cost-reduction and reorganization plans.

One subsector in which TASC has particular expertise is A&D (Aerospace and Defense). TASC has been active in a variety of strategic initiatives, such as integrating public and private sectors via PPP projects (in which we advised both governmental and private companies); developing international growth strategies and business plans; implementing commercialization schemes for high-end military technologies to penetrate civilian markets; assisting with the launch of new services and products; and initiating large-scale M&A schemes.

Our Expertise

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

Creating a penetration strategy for entry of a top-tier Israeli aerospace and defense OEM into the civilian market
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Creating a market-penetration strategy for an aerospace and defense manufacturer

Assisting in creation of a growth strategy for a top-tier Israeli A&D OEM business unit focused on the high-tech market
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Creating a growth strategy for an aerospace and defense company

Formulating a five-year strategic plan and reviewing growth engines for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies
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Strategic plan for a large industrial company

Reviewing the possibility of outsourcing non-core activities for one of Israel’s largest industrial companies
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Outsourcing strategy for a large Israeli industrial company

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Publications & Articles

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