Technology, Media and Telecom

Our Approach

TASC is the market leader in the TMT field in Israel with rich experience spanning all its main sectors – Technology, Media, and Telecommunications.

Over the past two decades, we have engaged in a wide variety of market-changing processes in both the private and public sectors. We have helped our clients build comprehensive strategic and regulatory plans; provided support for new market entrants; assisted with the launch of new services and brands; and held major roles in M&As in the field.

Our Expertise

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

Building a long-term strategy plan for a major telecom operator and assisting with its implementation
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5-year plan for a leading telecom operator

TASC was asked to counsel a mobile network operator in an auction for 5G spectrum
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Assisting a mobile-network operator in an auction for 5G spectrum

Mapping the main sectors driving demand for renting data-center space in Israel

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Analysis of the main sectors driving demand for renting data-center space in Israel

Formulating a comprehensive investment strategy for a leading Venture Capital fund
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A prominent VC’s overall portfolio strategy

Our Experts

Publications & Articles

Adapting to the new tech industry reality in 5 steps

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Making opportunity out of the slowdown: key steps

משקיעים בתשתיות תקשורת – עולם ההשקעות בתשתיות תקשורת צובר תאוצה

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Communications Infrastructure Investments

?האם משבר קורונה יצליח להוציא את שוק הטלקום בישראל מהבוץ

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The Israeli telecom market is getting out of the mud

ההתפתחות בשוק הטלקום הסיני דחפה את השחקנים המקומיים להפוך לענקים עולמיים

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The journey towards Chinese hegemony in the telecom industry