Org & Op Excellence by TASC-Hoshen

Our Approach

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the ability to quickly adopt changes, shift direction and implement strategy is a significant competitive advantage that separates exceptional organizations from the rest.

Our Organization & Operational Excellence practice helps organizations work in a way that enables them to actualize their strategic vision. Our main goal is to help our clients adapt to their rapidly changing and complex environments by developing tailored management practices and building the capabilities required to achieve enduring results. With the development of efficient, effective, and innovative work processes, we help our clients enhance their services, increase productivity, and reduce risks.

Our Expertise

Organizational & operational strategy

Service strategy & operational model

Organizational design

Process improvement & streamlining

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Organizational & operational structures

Strategy execution

Planning, monitoring and measurement

Organizational culture design & implementation

Change management

HR & resource standardization

Multi-disciplinary project management

RPA & IT systems improvement

Business requirements definition

Robotic process automation

Regulation implementation

Relevant Experience: Case Studies

Improving the process of digital credit loans
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Digital consumer credit process improvement at an Israeli bank

TASC assisted in formulating an organizational structure and defining the job functions’ responsibilities and supervisors
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Formulating a new organizational structure for an industrial company

Formulating an FTE Efficiency Model for a leading bank
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A new FTE efficiency model for a bank’s retail branches

Examining the concept of mortgage advisers in bank branches
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Setting up a new mortgage-service center at a leading bank

Our Experts

Publications & Articles

כיצד להתאים את המבנה הארגוני כך שיתמוך באסטרטגיית הצמיחה מעבר לים?

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The organizational structure that will support your growth strategy

גיבוש אסטרטגיית שירות חדשה לחברת ביטוח מובילה לשיפור חווית הלקוח וייעול תהליכים פנימיים

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Improve the service strategy in the organization

מצוינות תפעולית בארגונים בעידן הנוכחי – מהלכים לקידום מצוינות תפעולית בארגון

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The path to operational excellence (OpEx) in organizations